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Eye 4 Packaging may be able to save you money by re-engineering one of our existing packaging templates to work for your current needs. If this isn't possible we have the onsite expertise to design a creative solution from CD Packaging or any Custom CD/DVD Packaging Solution from the ground-up. With over 30 years of packaging expertise we can also help you with value-added Hybrid packaging solutions such as selecting the best materials to display and protect your products while adding beauty and strength.

Current Article: Custom CD/DVD Packaging

Custom CD DVD Packaging

By Donald Prill

Designing and creating custom CD DVD packaging solutions is a combination of Engineering, Design art, and Technology.

The first visual impression of a CD or DVD is the element of graphic cover design and its unique packaging all created specifically to attract customers. Great custom packaging not only protects the media it will also attract more attention.

Quality packaging and design increases positive potential customer expectations about the media and its data.

There are four important elements in most custom CD DVD packaging solutions starting with the packaging concept, overall design, packaging content and print application.

Concept and design are very important packaging considerations; a graphic artist must interpret your ideas and create visual graphics that will successfully deliver your message to the targeted marketplace.

The packaging content for a CD or DVD must be contained in a manner that safely protects the media and provides a trouble free shipping package.

Some of the general design types used today for CD DVD packaging.

  • CD Jewel Cases: A common type of CD DVD packaging. These are affordable 3-piece cases made of plastic. They will protect your discs from accidental damage or loss

  • Dvd Clam Shell Cases: (Amaray cases) These are like the slim line cases made entirely of plastic. They are space-saving, durable, and are available in multiple colors.

  • Paper Sleeves: Are printed with an open end. They are the most affordable packaging of all and recyclable, they will protect your CDs and DVDs from being scratched.

  • CD DVD Wallet Mailers: Come in many designs generally they have one end open with a fold over flap and are often known as a self close-mailer.

  • Folders used for presentation: The standard size presentation folder is 9" x 12". produced from many different material from paper to plastic, can be 2 or 3 panel and they are great when used to Wow customers and influence clients.

  • Multi-CDs DVD Disc Cases: These cases are available in many different materials and are designed for multiple CDs or DVDs. Best used as a set or collection.

  • Hybrid Packaging: –True custom packaging solutions, unique and one of a kind packaging incorporating both–off the shelf and complete custom design, materials, quality finishes and printing applications.

You can reduce costs by utilizing one of the many pre-existing packaging Die-Templates.

The print application incorporates the use of selected materials and processes that complete the final packaging element.

You have a full range of quality pre-press and post-press production capabilities available to match your project requirements. Selecting from state-of-the-art six color printing to protective film lamination in gloss, matte and satin finishes to special effects like foil stamping, embossing/debossing and die-cutting templates, the choice is yours.

The print application is the stage where you can create an eye popping finished product.

Today, with the ever present considerations for environmental issues the use of recycled paper packaging for covers is quickly replacing most of the normal CD DVD packaging that is made of plastic.

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Donald Prill has 30 years providing and creating better ways to design custom packaging solutions that fit comfortably within your budget.