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Current Article: Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders - Thinking out of the box

By: Donald Prill

The Internet has become a dominant marketing force in Today’s competitive business world. Any business that produces a physical product or provides a special service can now reach out and touch an unlimited ocean of potential new online customers with the simple click of the mouse.

With the competition at an all time high, the need to market your product or service with a high degree of competence and a marketing effort that may require you to think out of the box to get the desired results.

Presentation folders are a perfect vehicle to apply a creative eye popping marketing or presentation solution for your product or service.

A very successful design strategy for presentation folders is changing the folder's normal size and shape. You can create folders that are smaller or larger than the standard folder size. Also you can change the color and the folder's shape. It can be a circle, a pyramid or the shape of your product or other related concepts. Basically, any size and shape that is outside of the normal will stimulate curiosity in people. Combining shape and size with outstanding color printing will drive immediate attention to the folder, especially the materials inside.

Another element in designing outstanding presentation folders is to utilize different materials. Your folders can be made of normal folder paper or board, or you can try something interesting like recycled paper, textured paper, embossed lettering, and even plastic if you want. By utilizing high quality pre-press and post-press production capabilities to match your project requirements with state-of-the-art six color printing to protective film lamination in gloss, matte and satin finishes and special effects like foil stamping, embossing/debossing and die-cutting you can create presentation folders that will stop potential customers in their tracks.

Presentation folders can be sales lead generators, product deal closers, material organizers, and much more. They will produce amazing results for you if you take care to present your information clearly and with purpose.

In these Tough economic times, you need all the competitive edges that you can get, the presentation folder itself should be impressive enough that any potential customers will open it just to find out more about your company, product, or service.

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Donald Prill has 30 years providing and creating better ways to design custom packaging solutions that fit comfortably within your budget.