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eye 4 packaging may be able to save you money by re-engineering one of our existing packaging templates to work for your current needs. If this isn't possible we have the onsite expertise to design a creative solution from CD Packaging or any Custom Packaging Solution from the ground-up. With over 30 years of packaging expertise we can also help you with value-added Hybrid packaging solutions such as selecting the best materials to display and protect your products while adding beauty and strength.

Current Article: Hybrid Packaging Solutions

Custom Packaging Solutions

Eye 4 Packaging Introduces New Hybrid Packaging Solution

Eye 4 Packaging, Inc..

Press release date: April 13, 2010

Chicago, Eye 4 Packaging, Inc. introduces hybrid packaging, a true custom packaging solution which adapts current single use package manufacturing equipment with different materials and construction designs combined to deliver a true custom package.

With today’s economy manufacturers are looking for ways to keep their equipment running. We have been forced to find other ways to utilize our equipment other than the typical package design it is intended to run.

Hybrid packaging is one effect of this new manufacturing environment. This is where we are mixing different materials and construction designs to come up with a true custom package.

At Eye 4 packaging, we can take corrugated material and mix it with turned edge rigid materials, or take plastic products and mix with paper, foam products can be added for strength or to add class to the design. You no longer will find manufacturers just working with one kind of material or manufacturing process. Flexibility is the key factor in the custom packaging solution world.

The Hybrid packaging technique of manufacturing has allowed us to penetrate whole new markets and remain very price competitive. It has also allowed us to design true custom packaging solutions and make products on demand. Short lead times like 10 work days is very common now, where 5 years ago people had to wait 5-6 weeks.

Presenting a truly unique “One-of-a-kind” custom packaging solution all within budget has impressed our many satisfied customers and contributed to our raising success.

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Donald Prill has 30 years providing and creating better ways to design Custom Packaging Solutions that fit comfortably within your budget.